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2013 Holliday Collection - chairs by jabeng 2013 Holliday Collection - chairs :iconjabeng:jabeng 1 0 Anguish by jabeng Anguish :iconjabeng:jabeng 0 0 Star-apple by jabeng Star-apple :iconjabeng:jabeng 1 0 citrus by jabeng citrus :iconjabeng:jabeng 1 0 Leaf by jabeng Leaf :iconjabeng:jabeng 1 0 my Brother  - Avatar by jabeng my Brother - Avatar :iconjabeng:jabeng 0 4 juicy couture by jabeng juicy couture :iconjabeng:jabeng 3 1 me and neke illustrated by jabeng me and neke illustrated :iconjabeng:jabeng 0 0 good and evil by jabeng good and evil :iconjabeng:jabeng 0 0 cracked by jabeng cracked :iconjabeng:jabeng 3 0 me and my friend by jabeng me and my friend :iconjabeng:jabeng 2 0 myfirst2 by jabeng myfirst2 :iconjabeng:jabeng 1 2 VforVilma by jabeng VforVilma :iconjabeng:jabeng 0 0 jolliBEEmovie by jabeng jolliBEEmovie :iconjabeng:jabeng 0 0 cinderella2 by jabeng cinderella2 :iconjabeng:jabeng 0 1 design2for Lemons n lemonades by jabeng design2for Lemons n lemonades :iconjabeng:jabeng 0 0


Eye Spy Tinkerbell by ToolKitten Eye Spy Tinkerbell :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 7,684 316 mother earth 6 by semihmetin mother earth 6 :iconsemihmetin:semihmetin 56 20 mother earth 2 by semihmetin mother earth 2 :iconsemihmetin:semihmetin 117 46 LBM3.2: Silent Signature by semihmetin LBM3.2: Silent Signature :iconsemihmetin:semihmetin 43 53
Rock it down
Jam it..
Jam it..
Jam this..
Just Jam this melody..
Psychedelic, oh yes!
Psychedelic, oh yeah!
Oh yes!
Oh yeah!
Close up to my mysterious face
All up into the zone of my lonely place
Keep it jamming
See those people all around this bust up beatable world
Hip Hop..
See those people shaking their heads with sound upon this colorful dream
Open up this melody
Sky touches the music
Blast me a song
Hear and Hypnotize me zer0 wrong
Explode with me!
ROCK it DOWN! so far
So far it gives the force more feedback
No need to strike me with a million ways to attack
Just ROCK it DOWN! for me
Ring it for those I love
Ring it for those I know
Ring it for those I don't know
Just everyone around the world can jump in this flow
So come on, and get in it
The show, the fantastic show
All the musical vibrations can sing
Bring it into the back room (Back Room)
Give us a little chance to make out too soon
Forward and beyond the blossoms tha
:icondragondreamzero:dragondreamzero 0 9
karma look5 by semihmetin karma look5 :iconsemihmetin:semihmetin 41 36
Lonely Boy
Lonely Boy
I'm a..
Lonely Boy....
Resistance to relax
No surrendering to my desires
Sad, so sad
Pure, so pure
Fixation and concentration
Beautiful lips and a cutesy scent of perfume
Making my dreams come to a flowery bloom
Just Hold..
Hold Me like no end
Save this world
Rockets a spark buzz
Just Call..
Call the wind
Day by day like a diamond music heart
Music plays this recovery track
Go forth..
I'm just a Lonely Boy..
Looking for love in this world of life
So please assist me to find my bride to be
Remain faithful to me always
What to do next?
What else is left for me?
So many questions left unanswered
Each one hurting me
Sacrificing ways to please her
So open up to me
Girl, oh girl
Mastering a single rhyme
Blasting the worldly chime
Time, time on my mind
Sweet kisses of cherry lime
Relax myself, so kind
I'm just a Lonely Boy..
Looking for someone in this life of world
So please assist me to find her to see
Remain with me always
:icondragondreamzero:dragondreamzero 3 9
Pushed by Katherdante Pushed :iconkatherdante:Katherdante 7 4
Dear Kaibigan, shall this fate of ours die?
Escaping the thorns of roses that drive us apart
Keeping you in my arms and inside my heart
Is this the beginning of a new start?
Let this heart of us unfold our forgotten events....
Fallen and fallen through the cracks
Broken links remain untouched
Blinking every time to make to go away
Was this just a false line of love at bay?
No doubt in my mind to sign
Singing a path to unlock the desire
So we higher and higher
Reaching for the will to burn a lighting fire
Pacing each position
Kindled in our own romance
Staggered with clouds
One more chance, One more chance to make it right
My Dear Kaibigan, I have fallen for you
My Sweet Friend, I don't know what to do
So mad and completely true
Rescuing you from any harm
I'll be your good luck charm
Granting my own destiny
So across my unity
Love and Purity
Dividing my own name on Love of Gravity
Actions and problematics, we made
Longed and promised such a sweet miracle parade
Tell me, please
:icondragondreamzero:dragondreamzero 3 6
Transcend me
Connect me
Link me
Hold this light
Feel it on sight
Slowly moved with might
I'll always be your White Knight
Cast a Spell on me
Baby Girl, it's not voodoo
Heal out the poison wounds
Questioning my own touch
Caring so much
Worrying for the better end
Scared for you hurt me, my friend
Project a new headline
Main event on stage at Wrestlemania
You got me and finally you are all mine
So hot and fine, we jump into our love utopia
Cast a Spell on me
Baby Girl, it's not voodoo
Heal out the poison wounds
Spark it right, Ignite it on sight
Blink your eyes twice
Groovy like the three blind mice
Spell caster, Dream Catcha
Believer, Support
Writer, Dreamer
Cast a Spell
Funky driving
Disco spell
Feeling well, trick n' tell
Just ring my bell
Sprinkle some hair gel
Daydreaming no imagination shell
Let ya cast a spell
Back in DBZ with me, being Cell
So just cast an unbeatable purity spell
:icondragondreamzero:dragondreamzero 3 7
Battle I
Battle I
A world filled with chaos
Driven to a corner
Shall I surrender?
Be afraid like a loser?
I clenched my teeth tightly
Gripped my fists as I stand
To all those that I shall command
Breath in and out
Like a whirlwind
Shift and swift like a hurricane
Attack and Slash
Dash like a hero
Saving a damsel in distress
I strike my blade into Battle I
Running like a knight in armor
Caught up the problematic disorder
Bruised and wounded like a risk taker
Upon this sunlight
Delivering my own justice
One can't help, but protect
Bite off like a shark
Destruction always lands in the park
Crying each tear of love on my symbol mark
Attack and Slash
Dash like a hero
Saving a damsel in distress
I strike my blade into Battle I
Letting this struggle continue
On my face is a scar
This force of unknown hurt me
Looking up to find the last star
Shine and twinkle, so far
Sing for me, my only star
Questioning my own birth
Reborn like a demonic monster
Putting my past behind
Attack and Slash
Dash like a hero
:icondragondreamzero:dragondreamzero 6 8
378 ABSTRACT BRUSHES CS 1+2+3 by PAULW 378 ABSTRACT BRUSHES CS 1+2+3 :iconpaulw:PAULW 5,405 894 Vector-Grunge Brush Pack by kShinn Vector-Grunge Brush Pack :iconkshinn:kShinn 2,835 307
Tha Key Part 1
Tha Key
"Desperado Sparks This Key..."
Welcome to this amazing feat.
Watch and stick around for something sweet
Catch ya like a Dreamcatcha
So hold on tight or else I'll leave ya a bite
[Ends Intro]
-1st Verse-
World Wide World dropping it like a flame
Listen to me, guys and gals
Drive in me is a beat to see
Contact my love line
Decipher my heart sign
Someone call me a Desperado of a Flipsyder
-2nd Verse-
Keys and things, we aren't the same
Given so much hope
Am I just a sideliner waiting for love?
Tell me about the good chances that I have
Qualities and honesty is what I can't offer a lot
Am I worthy guy in any girl's life?
Love the real me
True to be free
Just gotta Spark Tha Key
Hold on to me
We won't let go and depart into the sea
~Ends Hook~
-3rd Verse-
Around and Around
Feeling such a merry-go-sound
Prisoner of my own mind
Vivid in a heart to decide
Carefully delivering such a rap buster
-4th Verse-
Figuring no speech unplanned
This is not just a rap or hip hop
:icondragondreamzero:dragondreamzero 2 10
Silent Season
Silent Season
Heartbeats echo through the dreams
As the two lovers are together through the problematics
The two shall shine a different star
Looking at each other's eyes as it will be too far
Sparkling a twinkle of tears
My Loved One is taking down those fears
Among the world we wanted, the love remains bound
Taboo is truly forbidden, but we didn't let our romance fall into the ground
Promised to be together until this world will purely see our true happiness
Such a Silent Season
We continue to embrace this love
Let our chance shine, baby shine
We questioned no objection
The lives we made friends with
Didn't abandon in my own train of thought
My Beloved one remains happy as she won't die
My Loved One remains happy as he won't deny
We hear our heatbeats echo
Echo, Echo
Feelings through this weather in the seasons
Blessed as we are now
Shelter me, My Loved One
Keep on loving me, My Beloved One
Such a Silent Season
We continue to embrace this love
Let our chance shine, baby shine
We made
:icondragondreamzero:dragondreamzero 5 15
IR2:: let's PLAY by vaudirock IR2:: let's PLAY :iconvaudirock:vaudirock 7 8


Yeaup! Im so back into posting my arts! :) see yah guys!


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john belga
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
Current Residence: alabang
Favourite genre of music: pop, folk
Favourite photographer: may dad, Mam Marge!!!
Favourite style of art: pop arts,vectors, traditional
Favourite cartoon character: bugs bunny, Daffy, Kero2pi


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